Odisseus is a spatial shooter/mining/quizz game submitted for Ludum Dare 39 (Running out of power)

You are Ulysses, the hero of the Trojan War and you really want to come back home and celebrate your victory with your beloved Penelope. But remember that fate and the Olympus Gods do not like you! As a revenge, Poseidon has left with your fuel (power) and you have the whole galaxy to cross with a few drops in your spaceship tank.
But trust Homer, your spaceship AI to lead you through this spatial shooter/drilling/riddle game. Will you be back in time for dinner?
Content generated 'randomly' to enjoy a new adventure each time ;-)

How to play

Really simple :
- moving on the galaxy map: mouse left click
- Shoot them up: arrow keys to move. Spacebar to shoot.
- quizz: arrow keys to select the answer. Press Enter to validate.
- drill game: aim with the mouse and click on the left button to move the drill machine.

Install instructions



LD39_ODISSEUS_Bugs_fixed 2 MB
LD39_ODISSEUS_Submission_version 3 MB

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