Fear Of The Light is a platform game created for LOWREZJAM 2019. The chosen theme is "Only In The Dark".

Play as Jonathan, a young man who desperately tries to snatch his friend Mina from the hands of a mysterious kidnapper.

The life of our hero darkens a little more in tragedy when he realizes that he can not expose himself to the light.
Help Jonathan find his friend and preserve him from the light!

The game is played only on the keyboard. The controls are:
  - Directional arrows: go right, left, up, and down.
  - Spacebar: jump and double jump
  - Ctrl Left: run, jump further
It is possible to bounce on the wall by holding the right or left arrow when Jonathan jumps on a wall.

The game is playable in the browser, but the desktop version offers a better gaming experience.


FearOfTheLight_desk.zip 4 MB


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Thank you for playing my game. I am glad you have enjoyed it. The way to reach the second checkpoint is a bit tricky. You have to jump from the highest moving platform over the wall blocking the access to the checkpoint. Press ctrl while jumping to ensure the character jump high enough. 

It was fun the issue I ran into was I couldnt advance after the checkpoint because there are platforms but I could not reach the other checkpoint.Did i do something wrong?